Litigation Against Deforestation

The small town of Lataguri is situated just out of the Gorumara National Park, covered in green and a fast growing tourist spot. The town is established on both sides of NH 717 making it an important stoppage in Jalpaiguri- Malbazar route which runs through the National Park area. During early 2017, SPOAR members noticed […]

Death on Asphalt

Background SPOAR originated in a region that is biologically diversified in flora and fauna, the district of Jalpaiguri in the state of West Bengal. This is a sub-Himalayan region called the Dooars, home of the Gorumara National Park along with many other forest lands like Chapramari, Diana, Baikunthapur etc. SPOAR, from the very beginning, stepped […]

Protection of Indian Roofed Turtle (Pangshura tecta)

The members of SPOAR (Society for Protecting Ophiofauna and Animal Rights) found out that a tiny population of small sized turtles were living in a local temple pond, just outside of Jalpaiguri town. A team of 7 members visited the pond and was horrified by the condition of the turtle habitat.

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