Day: May 5, 2020

Litigation Against Deforestation

The small town of Lataguri is situated just out of the Gorumara National Park, covered in green and a fast growing tourist spot. The town is established on both sides of NH 717 making it an important stoppage in Jalpaiguri- Malbazar route which runs through the National Park area. During early 2017, SPOAR members noticed […]

Living With Elephant

The northern elephant range in West Bengal extends from the Mechi River along the Indo-Nepal border in the west to the Sankosh River in the east, bordering the state of Assam. Northern West Bengal (Districts of Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Jalpaiguri and Alipurduar) has a forest area of 2994 km2 or about 25% of the total geographical […]

Death on Asphalt

Background SPOAR originated in a region that is biologically diversified in flora and fauna, the district of Jalpaiguri in the state of West Bengal. This is a sub-Himalayan region called the Dooars, home of the Gorumara National Park along with many other forest lands like Chapramari, Diana, Baikunthapur etc. SPOAR, from the very beginning, stepped […]

Cleanliness Drives

With growing usages of non-biodegradable materials in our everyday life the amount of garbage in our environment is increasing in an amount beyond our cleaning capability. SPOAR arranges community as well as forest area cleaning programs to raise awareness on the devastating ill-effects plastic and other non-degradable elements has on our environment and to motivate […]

Community Animal Service

It’s very important to maintain community animals in a community along with humans and second comes the point of maintaining their health to maintain the health of human beings. SPOAR is dedicated for outreach programs and direct services for their health issues to maintain this health of the community animals in our local community and […]

Protection of Indian Roofed Turtle (Pangshura tecta)

The members of SPOAR (Society for Protecting Ophiofauna and Animal Rights) found out that a tiny population of small sized turtles were living in a local temple pond, just outside of Jalpaiguri town. A team of 7 members visited the pond and was horrified by the condition of the turtle habitat.

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