Rescue & Rehabilitation Activity

    Since the human-wildlife conflict has been one of the major issues in case of safety of wildlife as well as victim peoples, nature and wildlife conservationist people have had to deal with this problem happening in rural, urban and forest areas. The Dooars forest region and even the town and village areas of north Bengal are now places where these conflicts are happening frequently. In order to ensure the safety of the local people from the wild animals and obviously vice versa, SPOAR is operating rescue-rehabilitation programmes all over rural and urban areas of north Bengal including forest areas. These rescue operations however, take place mostly in village and town areas far from forest and the rescued animals are snakes, monitor lizards, birds, small mammals and other sorts of urban wildlife. This organization provides 24 hour rescue service and when contacted, members rush to the spot wherever or whenever it may be. Members who execute the rescue operation are well experienced and always use proper snake friendly equipments such as hook, bagger etc. The rescued animals are checked thoroughly in case if there are injuries and noted in details in a data book. This data compilation process has revealed interesting facts about species diversity, domain area and travelled distance of the animals etc. These animals are always released near the place from where they have been rescued as they can find it difficult to cope up with the new environment if released somewhere else.

    As Dooars forests is very good habitat to the majestic King cobra, there are cases where the members had to rescue a king cobra from someone’s home. Though not frequent like the western ghats, but encounter with king is happening once or twice each year which indicates that the habitats are decaying for these majestic animals and as placed among WLPA schedule-I, king cobras, python encounter cases are always given utmost importance. These rescue operations are conducted in collaboration with forest dept. and they are rehabilitated in core areas of forests.

    During the rescues, often the members came across wounded animals in which cases, proper treatment was required. SPOAR, in association with local vets and forest dept. has been executing successful treatment procedures and has been able to save many innocent lives. It is evident that the community animals suffering from injury has the need of proper treatment more than urban wildlife because the roadside where they live is a place to get quick injury by vehicular accident and all. Most common injuries and problems are open wounds, maggoty wounds, cuts, burns of electrocution, bone fracture and poisoning. Some of the uncommon problems for snakes like being stuck in a tight hole is also encountered. The members, when on a rescue operation, always carry antiseptic medicines as first aids and if injury or problem is not that serious, those medicines are applied and the animals are released to their natural habitat. The local vet surgeons have always been helpful and in spite of lacking proper infrastructure for treating distressed animals, SPOAR saved a lot of lives.

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