Nature has its own way to mesmerize people of all kind, then it would be no matter of surprise that SPOAR has always been cherishing the beauty of nature and admiring it. It has been great to come by that the people of north Bengal to some extents, share equal enthusiasm in enjoying the beauty of nature, may be photography, film making or documentation. It is also evident that photography and film making lets one know and think more about the subject of it which in this case is nature and wildlife. A dedicated person when clicks his shutter to nature then, unknowing to himself/herself he/she is embraced by Mother Nature. In 2013, 2014 and 2015, along with ophiological workshop cum awareness programme “Living with Snakes” (go to Training & Workshop for details), a wildlife photography exhibition cum competition of international level was organized. Soft copies of photographs were collected through mailing throughout the world and later were printed out and framed in order to be exhibited. Overwhelming response was noted both the years, competitors worldwide showed us the everlasting beauty of nature and her components through their lenses.

চলো আঁকি পশুপাখি

Besides the photography exhibition, there was “seat n draw” competition for children. Their theme was “Cholo aanki poshu pakhi” and that too is related to drawing of wild animals. Children from different class showed their merit in depicting wild lives in their sense of colour. These programmes overall were of great success. Enthusiasm and interest of common folks towards nature and wildlife, something on which some hope can be put, were seen.

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