Our service to animal in distress

Community animals in a community are very important because they maintain the wave. If one animal is removed from the chain, it obviously effects the entire system and respectively it will be effecting the human beings also. So for example, if we remove dogs from a particular locality, the next animal comes in the chain is the rats. One pair of dogs can produce 15 to 20 pups a year and a pair of rats can produce up to 15000 rats a year, if they are given proper environment. This is very important to maintain the chain and it is very important to have the healthy co community living earthlings for our own safety. Now comes the question about their health. If they are not healthy then it causes a peril for the human beings. So, it’s very important to maintain community animals in a community along with humans and second comes the point of maintaining their health to maintain the health of human beings. SPOAR is dedicated for the possible outreach programme and direct services for their health issues to maintain this health of the community animals in our local community and this includes vaccination, providing the emergency treatments for road accidents, trauma cases, many time it includes the cruelty cases that is happening because of father animal, the human being and in long run the birth control operation and rabies vaccination in a country like India where rabies is mainly being carried by canines. So now a days it is not much jackals or bat in a community with whom we are living together. Mainly it is dogs with whom we live very close. Also in future we are having a plan in pipeline to open a shelter house for the disabled and old animals who cannot maintain them on the road and need human support.

The thing is to spread the awareness or the issues like how to prevent rabies and other diseases and about the importance of this community animals in that particular community. That will be another agenda of SPOAR to work for the community animals to spread awareness foe their wellbeing and for the wellbeing of the human.

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