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"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." ― Mahatma Gandhi

SPOAR The Voice of innocents

"When you feel the suffering of every living thing in your own heart ,that is consciousness." - Bhagavad Gita

Live and let live

"I am in favor of animal rights as well as human rights. That is the way of a whole human being." ― Abraham Lincoln

The beautiful Nature

"Animals are such agreeable friends ― they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms." ― George Eliot

जंगलों की हरियाली, पृथ्वी की खुशहाली

जंगल है, तो हमारा जीवन है, आओ मिलकर इन्हें बचाएँ अपना भविष्य सुरक्षित बनाएँ।


"জীবে প্রেম করে যেই জন , সেই জন সেবিছে ঈশ্বর " - স্বামী বিবেকানন্দ

About us

SPOAR works to permanently conserve and protect nature and habitats everywhere across India against irresponsible development threats in our natural heritage. SPOAR engages people in scientific field research and education to promote the understanding and action necessary for a sustainable environment. We promote environmentally sustainable action. We work with educators to help them bring their experiences back to the classroom to foster new generations of environmental leaders. While most of us believe we have a responsibility to protect these natural assets, countless studies indicate that our wildlife and the wilderness they need to survive are in crisis. to ensure that industry and government uphold their responsibility to protect, watersheds, forests, and other important habitats that wildlife depend on, we pursue various wings of administration to took prompt measures.

(Society for Protecting Ophiofauna & Animal Rights)
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Our Recent Activity
SPOAR in Brief

What we Do

  • SPOAR reveals its name as Society for Protecting Orphiofauna & Animal Rights and the name itself says all about its vision, aim and path. The world of wild life animals differs from the world of Domestic animals. Our aim is to serve, cater for both types of animals. To serve for the animals (especially wild life) one must be very dedicated towards the wild life and to fulfill this SPOAR has evolved with a group of individuals who are ready for all challenges to work in a most difficult environment as SPOAR finds joy, satisfaction by helping, by protecting wild life animals. And this brings best from every single member of SPOAR whether the member is a social worker or a student.
  • SPOAR runs different awareness programs to enlighten the knowledge of the society. It goes to all the schools, colleges and even performs different road shows to awaken the students, teachers, parents, housewives, aged people and requests not to fear but what to do if a person is snake bitten. This knowledge is also shared by different news channels, daily news papers and as a matter of fact SPOAR becomes a common part of these news channels or news papers. The group loves to spread the message ‘Feel the Feeling of Animals’.
  • SPOAR is planning to extend its work in future on snake research (Biotech) on the wild life like making ant venom, by making drugs from the snake poison and by doing DNA mapping etc. SPOAR welcomes you all. If you have the desire and are ready to take the challenges, SPOAR is the right place for you. The important fact that SPOAR conveys to all that Wild life (Protection) Act – 1972 must be respected and not to be violated.
  • SPOAR helps and protects the animals by adding the flavor of science to the beauty of nature.

Our Objectives


Our greatest fear is to believe that someone else would do it and that is why it is our prime objective To conserve the fragile eco system from the continues biotic and abiotic threats which is looming large and that is why remembering SPOAR is united and binded by the soul moto of conserving and contributing towards nature and eco system.

Our Credentials


  1. Awareness Programs at various schools
  2. Photomania12, 13 & 14 – International Exhibition cum Competition on wild life Photography
  3. Living with Snakes12, 13 & 14 – Seminar & Workshop on Human Snake conflict, Snake Identification, Snake bite management & myth busting
  4. Forest departmental staff training in different states i.e. Madhya Pradesh, Assam, West Bengal
  5. Restriction on Loudspeaker & Alcohol at Murti picnic spot.
  6. Herpetologica 16 – Science & research based National level workshop on Herpetology for young Herpetologists, Zoology students, enthusiast Forest departmental Staffs, NGO representatives
  7. Lataguri Tree Felling – we made it possible to earn a stay order from Hon’ble High Court, Kolkata & thereafter from National Green Tribunal, Eastern Branch against contradictory tree felling at Lataguri (Gorumara National Park), still the matter is under the legal jurisdiction of National Green Tribunal, Eastern Branch .

How can you Help us

  1. Join us to save nature & environment
  2. By exchanging rational, scientific, philanthropic experiences & knowledge
  3. By stretching your hand to our green movement
  4. By patronizing our activities
  5. Through giving leadership in your local area to ensure protection of bio-diversity & eco-system

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Streach Your hand to help Wildlife

You can help SPOAR by giving suggestion,concept,your attainment and Donation. The measure of a life, after all, is not its duration, but its donation.

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